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The Family Constellations and Somatic Healing Institute (FCSHI) is dedicated to training new and existing practitioners of all backgrounds in the practice of Family Constellations and trauma-informed somatic (body-based) techniques. The Institute strongly supports leading-edge practices and emerging research that illustrate that trauma, and virtually all barriers we face today cannot be fully grasped and healed on the level of mind alone.

By training a new wave of practitioners that are expert in family, somatic and intergenerational trauma, FCSHI seeks to expand on existing models that approach healing one-person-at-a-time and create truly meaningful, systemic and multi-generational change. 



2023 Practitioner Course


This 8-month fundamentals course is a part self-healing, part certification training journey into the power of Family Constellations. Practiced in over 35 countries, Family Constellations is a unique and profound form of personal and family shadow work that focuses on the deep connections that exist between a person’s personal blocks and their family and ancestral history.

Are you someone who has identified that being of service to others is vital to your alignment with your authentic self? Are you looking for an opportunity to engage in personal healing work that enables you to show up in your life and for others in an entirely new way? Or, are you a current practitioner, coach, or therapist who’s looking to really differentiate your practice and expand your offering?

These are just a few reasons this training and healing journey is right for you.

Intentions Of This Course
  • Create an experiential learning environment that is equal parts personally healing and educationally driven

  • Teach students the basic principles and techniques that serve as a foundation of a Family Constellations practice in both 1:1 and group environments

  • Build your Constellations practice upon somatic or body based trauma-safe fundamentals

  • Provide valuable insights and practices for both newcomers and relatively familiar practitioners of this work

  • Offer a supportive and non-judgmental environment for all students to become familiar with what it’s like to stand in the role of the facilitator from the very early stages of the training

  • Mentor students on the business side of having a practice and encourage specific resources for continued expansion and training in the field


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